Venetian Crystal Glass Wine Decanters
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Venetian Crystal Glass Wine Decanters

Young Wines and Decanting

Strangely enough, young wines benefit greatly from decanting. The oxygen they contain has actually had little time to take effect. This air in the decanter achieves change rapidly. It means you get more of what you paid for and lets you enjoy literally twice as much bouquet and aroma from the wine.

Most decanters have a wide base which permits the wine to 'spread out' and have greater contact with the air. This allows the wine to absorb more oxygen in a given amount of time which greatly enhances its taste.

I know many people that will purchase less expensive wines, but after proper decanting, can't tell the difference from a more expensive wine unless tasted 'side by side'. With a decanter, you can try your hand at developing a more 'expensive' tasting wine.

Make sure that pouring is slow, continuous and steady. Decanting is not a difficult procedure. Decant in a good light, one that allows you to see the wine moving inside the bottle. A lighted candle placed behind the neck has been the tradition.


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