Venetian Crystal Glass Wine Decanters
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Venetian Crystal Glass Wine Decanters


The Procedure Is As Follows:

Carefully take the bottle from the cellar using the wine server cradle, make sure that the wine is resting substantially in the same horizontal position in which it was stored.  The wine serving cradle allows you to transport the wine while minimizing shaking.

Present it to the guests announcing the following information:

  • The name of the wine

  • The name of the winemaker

  • The vintage

Set the basket on the edge of the service table (or gueridon) to allow for a complete rotation of the corkscrew without touching the table service.
Cut the capsule and remove the cork with care, to avoid shaking the wine.
Wipe the top of the bottle's neck with a small napkin to remove mold or oxidation deposits that may have built up over time. 
Smell and examine the cork, while still on the corkscrew to avoid contact with the skin. 
Pour a small amount of wine in a previously prepared glass and taste it.  Light the candle and bring the neck of the bottle close to the light.  This will allow you to see when sediment starts to flow and you can stop pouring immediately.  The remaining wine and sediment should be left in the bottle.  If it is fine, bring the decanter to the bottle and start pouring slowly, turning  the decanter slowly so that the wine contacts the entire inside surface. Check the wine's clarity by holding the decanter up with one hand and with the other, move the candle around the decanter. 
Pour slowly and continuously into the decanter until you see the first bit of sediment in the bottle's neck.  Stop pouring at once.
It is customary that when the wine is decanted to place the bottle next to the decanter so that your guests may see it if they wish.
Now the wine can be served.  The separation of sediment and the intense oxygenation that takes place during decanting brings out the wines qualities and its full "bouquet".

At this point you can finally say: "To your health!" 


Copyright©John Carter 2001



Copyright©John Carter 2001